A simple pixel art drawing of a blue person, with his right arm, left leg, and left eye all replaced with cybernetic components. He holds a small yellow tv that depicts John Linnell and John Flansburgh
a keyboardGame Dev
a bookshelfThe Stacks
a paint paletteVisual Art
filed index cardsRecipes
a hand of playing cardsTarot
a hot air balloonLinks
a scroll and quillGuestbook
a desktop with a notebook and lampChangelog
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a web badge that reads php powered a web badge that reads firefox, and has the firefox logo a web badge of the rainbow pride flag with 8 stripes a web badge of the trans pride flag a web badge that says Aesprite, and shows the aesprite app icon a web badge that reads pythonic, and shows the python logo a web badge that reads he / they / it a web badge that reads last.fm, and shows the last.fm logo a web badge that reads Morgan#2117 a web badge that reads email link a web badge that reads mastodon, and shows the mastodon logo a web badge that reads ASAN, and has the logo for the autistics self-advocacy network The current mood of draconicqueer at www.imood.com

Visual art stuff?

Haven't put much together just yet but most likely it'll end up being 90% game assets

For instance, some bugs! The animated ones were made for gave dev club, the polyphemus is just because I like them.

A small pixel art gif of a blue dragonfly, repeatedly flapping its wings that are semi-transparent A small pixel art gif of a rosy maple moth, flapping its wings repeatedly A large static pixel art image depicting the back of a brown polyphemus moth

Some other pixel things I've drawn for various icons here and elsewhere

A pixel art image of a dragon's head. The dragon is a warm gray and has a large curly mane of pink hair A pixel art image of a crow, perched on a bare branch against a mint green background

And perhaps RPG characters will eventually be it's own page but for the time being:

A drawing of a rabbitlike humanoid with checkered coloration hold a wooden staff. They are wearing a lilac colored shirt with a purple vest and blue poofy pants that end at the knee.
Aisling, Harengon lvl 6 Lunar Sorcerer, not in any campaign at the moment so they're my go-to for one shots.
A gif showing a VR scene of a drow in a dark forest. The drow is rendered simply with a rapier in one hand, simple leather clothing and boots. Extending from his back is a stylized spinal cord with a haze of fog along it.
Leoros, Half-elf (drow) lvl 9 Archfey Roguelock, from a completed Curse of Strahd campaign.